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Employment Law

There were some very important changes made to the Employment Law in New Zealand from 1 April 2011.

These keys changes include:

  • making it compulsory for employers to retain copies of their employees’ employment agreements ,
  • Labour Inspectors having more powers to levy penalties and fines on employers found in breach of the Employment Laws, the 90-day trial period being made available to all employers hiring new employees, the Personal Grievance remedy of reinstatement no longer being the primary remedy,
  • the test for justifiable dismissal or action reverting to the pre-2004 position, which is whether the employer’s actions and how the employer acted were what a fair and reasonable employer could have done in all the circumstances at the time the dismissal or action occurred,
  • employment_law_375the Employment Relations Authority being given more powers ,and
  • Mediation Services being given more powers (with agreement from both parties) to make final and binding recommendations to dispute resolutions.

We assist both employers and employees and offer our services at various stages including, negotiating Employment Contracts, attending Disciplinary Meetings, assisting you through the disputes resolution and adjudication process including Mediation Services, Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court. Our services include:

  • Attendances at Disciplinary meetings
  • Attendances at meetings
  • Employment Agreements
  • Contracts for Service (Contractor agreements)
  • Annualized Employment Law and Contracts Package for Employment
  • Representation for Employees, including Personal Grievances
  • Representation for Employers
  • Mediation
  • Appearances before the Employment Relations Authority
  • Appearances before the Employment Court