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Property Law – Residential – including Conveyancing

property_law_conveyancing_375Southern Legal provides a wide range of residential property services in Manukau and around Auckland.

A common misconception is that lawyers handling residential property conveyancing are just filling in the forms. While some transactions can be smooth and relatively process driven, complications can and often do happen.

Furthermore, the massive expansion of the types of families and relationships that are now common in modern society often create some curly questions which need to be answered and cover future contingencies. The impact of the Relationship (Property) Act, not only on marriages but also de facto and same sex relationships, plus the proliferation of blended families, make it essential that good legal advice is sought from the outset.

In addition, if we are contacted before pen is put to paper, we are often able to assist with negotiations and advice, based on our extensive knowledge of the law and the locations in which we work. So don’t be steamrolled – especially if you are a first home buyer – talk to us first and we will be able to give you the knowledge, confidence and security you need.

Residential property work (including what is sometimes called Conveyancing) can include one or more of the following:

  • Sales and purchases of all types of residential property including apartments
  • Financing and refinancing
  • Development including subdivisions
  • All forms of land title, including Freehold, Leasehold, Cross Leases and Unit Titles
  • Leases and Residential Tenancies
  • Retirement Villages and Rest Homes
  • Auctions
  • Building and Construction Contracts
  • Rights of way for access or services (Easements)
  • Boundary issues and fencing disputes
  • Ownership arrangements and Property Sharing agreements
  • Associated legal matters like enduring Powers of Attorney and Wills