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Notary Public

Victor Raman is our Notary Public, having obtained the necessary qualification for appointment in 2023.

Victor is available for notary work for both New Zealand and overseas clients.

The functions of a Notary Public are:

  • to draw, attest or certify deeds and other documents under their official seal.
  • to note or certify transactions relating to overseas documents.

What does this work entail?

A Notary Public must;

  • verify and authenticate the identity of the signatory,
  • ensure that the signatory has full mental capacity / official representative capacity,
  • ensure that the signatory signs with proper understanding of the transaction,
  • ensure that any copy is a true copy of the original.

Examples of the types of work for a Notary in New Zealand include:

  • taking affidavits and declarations for use overseas,
  • certifying, authenticating and witnessing of documents,
  • noting or protesting bills of exchange,
  • completing ship’s protests.

To contact Victor you must arrange an appointment in advance. Our fees will be advised based on the nature of the work and the number of documents that need to be notarised. Contact Us

Victor can be available outside the office, by appointment, if required.

You will need to bring with you

the document(s) you wish to have notarised along with some Government issued photo identification such as a current passport, driver’s licence or firearm’s licence.

Apostille Certificate or Authentication

We can arrange for your documents to be authenticated or apostilled by the Department of Internal Affairs. This may be required where overseas officials cannot determine on sight the authenticity of New Zealand documents.