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Tax Law

tax_375New Zealand’s Tax System is a very simple one when compared with many other developed countries, including Australia.

There are two main types of Tax base in New Zealand – Income or Revenue Tax (Direct Tax) and Goods and Services Tax, or GST (Indirect Tax). There is currently no Capital Gains Tax in New Zealand although it has been mooted. While politically challenging in New Zealand a CGT of some description may yet become part of the Tax landscape.

While Taxation Practice has traditionally been the realm of Accountants, recent cases show a trend shift where Lawyers are now actively involved with the issues arising from Tax Audits and the Tax Disputes process with the Inland Revenue.

We offer services in Tax matters including:

  • Tax Restructures
  • Tax effective structures
  • Notices of Proposed Adjustment to IRD
  • Notices of Responses to IRD
  • Taxation Review Authority
  • GST issues
  • Property Tax including Land Tax issues
  • Business and Corporate tax issues
  • General Tax Advice
  • Overseas Tax

Victor Raman also acts as a Consultant with a Fiji law firm, Kholi Singh & Associates, and assists their clients with their Tax Law issues.