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Immigration can be a stressful process for applicants. We take all of the mystery out of the process

by providing robust and transparent advice to our clients. We have the ability to very quickly determine an applicant’s eligibility under a particular category that he/she wishes to apply for.

The immigration process is at times complex and confusing with policies coming from a large Operations Policy Manual and the Immigration Act 1987. Policies change all the time, leading to uncertainty and frustration. Many applications fail because they have been lodged under the wrong policy or due to inadequate or incomplete documentation.

immigration_375By using an experienced Immigration Lawyer, you can not only significantly improve your chances of success, but also save both time and money, as you can be confident that your application has been lodged under the right policy and with the correct documents.

Southern Legal has helped hundreds of new “Kiwis” make a home for themselves and their families in New Zealand – Aotearoa.

As it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live, we get great satisfaction in helping people set up a new life here.

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